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A long overdue update

Just because I haven’t blogged in a while, doesn’t mean nothing has been going on. Hopefully, blogging isn’t any indication of how much work your doing (in fact, the people that tend to get the most done tend to blog the least!).

Personally, I’ve been keeping busy. I set up a Picasa photo album on Google (only 1 gig of space?) and put up a bunch of photos of all the interesting things I have done.

Professionally (yay), I’ve been working on creating a MAR component as a first step towards hopefully making it easier for xulapp developers to easily update their xulapps. It won’t get into the tree (as it probably shouldn’t), but there are several xul applications out there that don’t have the ability to update to the next version without completely reinstalling the application.

Of course, my work doesn’t solve the problem completely. There is still the question of developers uploading MARs and the infrastructure in place for users to get them (aus3 anyone?).

One step at a time.


July 24, 2007 Posted by | Mozilla, Seneca | Leave a comment