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MAR generator release 0.3

This is pretty important, since the last two had a nasty bug in them that could cause the world to implode, and the MAR file to hold the wrong data. Sorry.

Here are some of the highlights :

  • Fish-like mascot
  • You can now localize it
  • More modular. You can probably work on it now 😉
  • You can extract MAR files to a directory.
  • Bugs fixed, and bugs created

I did a test with another MAR files taken from Mozilla’s ftp site. When I extracted/recreated the MAR file, there only seemed to be one small difference between them. For some reason, update.manifest’s permissions shows up as 0666 rather than 0644.

But the file sizes/names/count all seem to be equivalent. Go figure.

There is still the issue of doing partial MAR files. This may end up coming later, or sooner if someone wants to send in a patch.

In the meantime, here is the source and linux(!) build :

MAR generator v0.3 – source
MAR generator v0.3 – linux


August 7, 2007 Posted by | Mozilla, Seneca | 2 Comments